Graduate Assistant Spencer Sims

Spencer Sims Bowling joined the staff in 2016 as the team’s first ever Graduate Assistant.  While pursuing her Ph.D. in Education Law, Spencer assists the players with their own academic development.  She advises the team members on scheduling, professionalism, and positive scholastic habits.  This includes one-on-one academic counseling, study halls, career planning sessions, and weekly check-ins with the players.  Spencer also assists with overall team management, including travel arrangements, game day details, and university relations.

Spencer’s goal is to help the players succeed both on and off the ice, beginning with a successful transition from junior hockey to college.  Looking ahead, Spencer plans to implement several programs focused on personal development in addition to a continued focus on academics.  For instance, she will begin a Player Development Series featuring guest speakers and university representatives who will provide guidance on resume building, interviewing skills, networking opportunities, and other valuable resources.

Raised in Little Rock, Arkansas, Spencer did not grow up around hockey.  In fact, she first attended a hockey game when she moved to Fayetteville for law school in 2013.  She now boasts that she knows more about hockey than her husband, Kael.

Spencer and Kael both graduated from the University of Arkansas School of Law in May 2016 and decided to pursue exciting opportunities in Northwest Arkansas. For Spencer, that meant taking on the role of Graduate Assistant and continuing her education. Currently, they live in Fayetteville with their dog, Dolly.