Graduate Assistant Christopher Hussein

Chris Hussein joined the staff in 2017 as a Graduate Assistant.  While pursuing his Ph.D. in Public Policy, Chris assists the team in the academic, personal, and professional development of the players. He also focuses on fundraising and public relations for the team while also managing game day activities such as theme nights and intermission entertainment.

One of Chris’s goals is to help the players successfully transition into college life, and to leave them prepared to go out into the world and lead a successful life after college and hockey. He also aspires to help the team improve and grow by expanding the donor base for the team, as well as implementing fun and exiting new activities and promotions at home games.

Chris was born in Memphis, TN, but spent the majority of his life growing up in Shreveport, LA. Chris was introduced to hockey in the seventh grade when he went to watch the Shreveport-Bossier Mudbugs play.  He was immediately hooked on the sport and loves to watch it.