Visitor Info & Pregame Protocol

Coming in from out of town?
The Razorback Hockey Team has negotiated a special rate for its fans and opponents at the Holiday Inn Northwest Arkansas Hotel & Convention Center.  Please contact Executive Meeting Manager Michael Douthit for more information:

Holiday Inn & Convention Center Northwest Arkansas
1500 S. 48th Street | Springdale AR | 72762
Direct: 479-872-5977
Contact: Michael Douthit

Visiting teams please note that if you are coming into town to play the Razorbacks, the following gameday protocol applies:

Pregame protocol (both teams, regardless of faceoff start time):
Put 60 minutes on the clock and start exactly one hour before game.
43:00—Home team personnel notifies teams and officials that five minutes remain before teams are to take the ice for warm-up.
39:00—Officials take ice for warm-up.
38:00—Home team takes ice for warm-up.
37:50—Visiting team takes ice for warm-up.
24:00—Horn sounds, signaling one minute remaining in warm-up; team captains meet with officials.  Note: Meeting with captains may be held before the start of this time schedule.
23:00—Both teams off ice; ice will be resurfaced.
15:00—Eligible players and starting lineups submitted to official scorer. The home team notifies the visiting team as to the length of intermissions.
10:00—Home team personnel notifies teams and officials that three minutes remain before teams are to take the ice.
8:00—Officials take ice.
7:00—Home team takes ice.
6:50—Visiting team takes ice.
6:00—Horn sounds signaling teams to assemble on their respective goal lines.
5:00—Starting lineups announced; national anthem, crowd control statement read. Officials check each starting goalkeepers’ throat straps.
0:00—Timekeeper puts 20 minutes on clock; game starts.

Intermission Protocol.  The following pregame time schedule shall be used at all games:
12:00 or 15:00—Official instructs timekeeper to start clock. Intermission will be 12 or 15 minutes in length.
4:00—Home team personnel notifies teams and officials that three minutes remain before the teams are to take the ice.
2:00—Officials take ice.
1:00—Home team takes ice.
0:50—Visiting team takes ice.
0:00—Period starts.

*Note: The order in which teams take the ice surface may be altered if a common entrance/exit is used.

Protocol Guidelines. The following shall be followed at all games:
All teams must adhere to the game protocol time schedule.  Upon entering the ice for warm-ups, teams must proceed directly to and remain in their designated half of the ice. 25 pucks will be supplied to the Visiting Team by Home Team for warm-ups.  Teams must warm-up in the half of the ice they will defend in the first period. The home team shall take the ice, followed by the visiting team.  Visiting team shall enter through the center ice door; home team shall enter through the zamboni room.

Both teams must warm-up and the ice must be resurfaced after warm-ups. Only two goal cages are permitted on the ice during the pregame warm-up period.  Upon re-entering the ice for team introductions, players must proceed directly to and remain in their designated half of the ice.  At the five-minute mark, both teams must be assembled on their respective goal lines.

As starters are introduced, they shall proceed to their respective blue lines and shall face center ice, followed by the remaining team members (the goalkeeper may stay in the crease area). Players shall face center ice as they are introduced. When the public address announcer indicates the playing of the national anthem, players shall face the flag. (Players shall remain stationary on the blue line for the completion of the national anthem. Players may huddle at their respective goal only before the start of the game.)

Upon the referee’s direction, starting players shall line up for the faceoff; remaining players shall proceed directly to their respective benches.

The intermission shall begin when the referee signals the timekeeper to start the clock.  Upon entering the ice in subsequent periods, starting players shall remain in their half of the ice and proceed to the center-ice faceoff positions. All remaining players shall proceed directly to their benches.

At the conclusion of each game, players shall assemble at center ice for the traditional handshake. Coaches shall exchange handshakes and remain on the ice or at their respective bench areas until the conclusion of the player handshake.

By mutual consent of the competing teams, the game protocol may be altered for special presentations (e.g., senior night, jersey retirement, anniversary celebrations, etc.). The home team must give the visiting team reasonable notice to prepare for this adjustment before the game.

Overtime procedures.
• Teams remain on ice for two-minute timed rest period
• Teams play a five minute (4 on 4) sudden death overtime

Division I shootout.
All games where a Men’s Division 1 team is the home team shall use a shootout at the conclusion of a tied game.  At the end of the five-minute overtime period, one referee will instruct the timekeeper to put two minutes on the clock and immediately start the clock.  The other referee will request a list of three shooters from each coach.  The referees will meet at center ice with the captains to explain the protocol during the two-minute period.  The goalkeepers change ends.

The home team has the option of shooting first or defending first. If Team A’s first two players score, while none of Team B’s players score, the shootout is over and Team A wins the shootout. If the shootout remains tied at the end of this round, each coach will select a different shooter, this time in a sudden-death situation. The first three shooters are ineligible until all other bench players have attempted a shot, if necessary. Each team has an equal number of chances to shoot before a winner is declared.

  • Players serving penalty time shall not be eligible for the shootout and shall remain in the penalty box during the shootout.
  • If a goalkeeper is injured in the shootout, the goalkeeper may be immediately replaced by a goalkeeper off the bench. The injured goalkeeper may not re-enter the shootout.
  • All players not actively participating in the shootout must remain on their bench.
  • Goalkeepers may be substituted, but no warm-up time will be allowed.

Division III no shootout unless conference game.
In the event a game is tied at the end of regulation time, a five minute, sudden-death overtime shall be played. If the game remains tied at the end of the five minute overtime, the game shall be recorded as a tie for the purpose of ACHA DIII rankings. A shootout will, however, occur as part of SECHC conference rules or when playing a non-DIII team.

Notes on officiating systems:
• For DI & DIII games (in general): The ACHA Executive Committee has agreed that the 1 referee and 2 linesmen system has proven to fit the ACHA’s requirements best. Therefore, for non-league games, Razorback Hockey adopts the ACHA officiating system (1 Referee and 2 Linesmen).
• For SECHC games: SECHC games will be played using the 2-1 officiating system (2 Referees and 1 Linesman).